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White Rabbit IEEE 1588 synchronization

Nanosecond level electronic synchronization, timing, and frequency control with phase lock level precision, distributed over Ethernet.

White Rabbit?

Developed at CERN to provide the precise timing of required for the the control and data acquisition networks used for CERN's accelerator complex. Available now from Seven Solutions for your applications. The most accurate solution for large scale distributed synchronization and the only significant open source solution. White Rabbit is standardized as part of the IEEE 1588 standard. More . . .


  • Mobile telecom synchronization and GPS independence strategies for holdover
  • Data center timestamping for security and flow analysis
  • Financial transaction system monitoring
  • Smart Grid synchronization
  • Precision timing in GPS denied locations
  • Seismic research and monitoring
  • Subsea and subteranean acoustic mineral exploration
  • Military applications

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